FTIR Libraries from Nicodom

One of the biggest collections of FTIR libraries, totally over 140.000 infrared spectra /FTIR Spectra/.

Nicodom FTIR Spectra Libraries include over 21498 FT-IR spectra – IR Library Polymers and additives /4 packages/, Fibers, Coatings, Paintings, Pharmaceuticals, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Pesticides, Suspect powders, Drugs, Explosives, Toxic and Hazardous, Environmental Pollutants, Kidney Stones, Solvents, Food Additives, Lubricants, Essential Oils, Petrochemicals.

IS NIR Spectral Library - unique collection of 6039 NIR Spectra.

FTIR Spectra Library Packages – Forensic, Hazardous and Toxic, Universal, Advanced, Professional, Customized.

The Nicodom FTIR Spectra Libraries include many new substances which came to market during the last decade, the samples were selected and spectra collected 2006-2012.

We also offer Aldrich-Ichem spectral library, Hummel Polymer Libraries, ST Japan Libraries, SBDS Libraries, other specialized IR databases, Raman spectral libraries, NIR spectral databases.

Visit page of FTIR Spectra http://www.ir-spectra.com/ to view more details /detailed description, lists of spectra, pricelist, special offers, free demo library/.

Available Formats of FTIR Spectra

Our infrared spectral Libraries are available for FTIR spectrometer from Bruker , Nicolet / Thermo , Perkin Elmer , Shimadzu , Smiths Detection / SensIR, Bomem , Agilent/Varian/BioRad , Mattson , Jasco , software OPUS TM, OMNIC TM, Spectrum Search TM, IR Solution TM, Hyper-IR TM, Grams TM, Resolution TM, Winfirst TM, Panorama TM, HaveItAll TM, Searchmaster TM, Sadtler Suite TM, and more.

You can download the free Nicodom IR Demo Library /50 spectra/ to verify the format compatibility.

The FTIR spectra libraries are available in different digital formats.

Different FTIR spectrometer or IR software manufacturers use their own library format.

Example: If you posess a Bruker FTIR with Opus software you must order the library in respective format /Format Code = 2/. If you order a wrong format /let us say Nicolet OMNIC format with format code = 1/, your software will not be able to read the library.

What are FTIR Libraries?

FTIR = Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy = instrumental technique for chemical analysis.

An infrared spectrum of chemical compound generated by a IR spectrometer is something like a „fingerprint pattern“  of a compound.

An IR spectrum is a curve – it shows how the sample absorbs energy of different wavelenghts in infrared region.

IR spectrum has a global validity - for example spectrum of chloroform collected in San Francisco by Nicolet FTIR spectrometer will be the same as an IR spectrum of chloroform collected in India by Perkin Elmer FTIR, at the same time this spectrum curve is different from FTIR spectrum of any other compound.

Today IR and FTIR are used as synonyms, but IR can also mean that the spectrum has been collected by older type of IR „dispersive“ instrument /they were replaced by FTIR in the eighties/. FTIR spectra feature better reproducibility and are more suitable for search databases. All spectra offer by us are FTIR spectra.

If you want to identify an unknown compound, it is useful to compare its IR spectrum with existing IR spectral databases.

The spectroscopic software /“SEARCH“/ will find the most similar spectra curve and suggest the best similarity hit in a few seconds.

FTIR Spectra Libraries are databases or collections of infrared spectra.

Big general databases like Nicodom Universal Package /over 10000 FTIR spectra/ or Aldrich-Ichem spectral library /over 32000 FTIR spectra/ include many different types of compounds.

Sometimes small special IR Spectra Databases will be more usefull than big general libraries. For example if your unknown material is a polymer, we recommend to compare it with a specialized library of polymer spectra, like Nicodom IR Polymers and Fibers or Hummel /TM/ Polymers.

Most FTIR spectrometers allow to create user libraries. It makes sense to create your own database if you work with very special or newly synthetized compounds, which are probably not included in any spectral library.

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